Sabine Canditt @ Agilists4Planet

In April 2023, the first virtual Agilists4Planet conference took place. The goal was to build awareness and impact on Planetary Challenges with Agility. Participants got inspired by real-world stories and learned about impactful ways to use your skills.

I devoted my session to the Inner Development Goals (IDGs), a collection of science-based skills and qualities that help us lead meaningful, sustainable, and productive lives. The original motivation for the IDG initiative was the realization that we need inner capabilities to deal with our increasingly complex environment and challenges in order to make progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The focus is on working with organizations because of their potential to accelerate human growth and collective learning and to achieve systemic change. In this talk, you will learn about the IDGs and reflect on how they can help guide you in addressing your current challenges. We will look at toolkit to get a first impression of how you can apply the framework in practice.

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